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au3d.vnNetwork for updatesBy joining you agree to the server rules: Features:​
Main lobby:Make friends and organize events, parties, guilds, use your gadgets and more!Have fun with parkour challenges and maze puzzles!Access all other lobbies from here.
Adventure lobby: * CLOSED BETA * Maps:Herobrine”s Mansion – AdventureHerobrine”s Return – AdventureWither”s Challenge – MinigameWrath of the Fallen – AdventureCommunity Maps:Creeper DungeonCrypt Dungeon
Unlike our original version of Quakecraft, this version has railguns which instakill your target! Just like Instagib in Quake/Unreal Tournament.Fast-paced railgun PVP action!Earn coins by scoring kills and round wins! Kill 25 people in the game to win.Spend coins on cool items and railguns via the ingame Quakecraft shop!Over 8 unique quake maps to play!Play alone or in a team!
The TNT Games:
Bow Spleef 2.0 – With special abilities and upgrades! 3 Bow Spleef maps to choose from!TNT-Run – Sprint past other players as TNT falls beneath your feet, be the last one standing to win! 4 maps to choose from!TNT Wizards – Capture the points for your team as you avoid chaotic spells and explosions, while casting your attacks at others! 3 maps to choose from!TNT Tag – Run away from the taggers so you don’t explode! 3 maps to choose from!
The Walls:
Fun, action-packed, team-based PVP survival!Last team standing wins.Earn coins by scoring kills and winning matches!Spend coins on cool new abilities, perks and items in the Walls Shop!When the walls drop, the PvP battle begins!11 unique maps to choose from!
Paintball Warfare:
Fun, team-based player vs player game!Launch paintballs at your enemy to kill them, while you weave through obstacles and buildings in the map.Acquire killstreaks (you don”t lose these upon death!) to spend on epic abilities ingame.Earn coins by winning matches and scoring kills!Spend your coins on new killstreaks, hats and more cool items!8 wonderful maps to choose from!
Blitz Survival Games:
Unlike most regular survival/hunger games servers, this minigame is fast-paced, action-packed and fun!Earn coins by acquiring kills and winning games.Unlock, upgrade, and pick Kit Upgrades to give you bonuses when you”re in the game!Unlock Taunts to tease your enemies.Auras and Victory Dances to make you stand out ! After five minutes a Blitz Star will randomly appear in one of the chests.Find the Blitz Star and unlock the ability to use the ultra-powerful blitz abilities, of which you can unlock more of in the Blitz shop.VampireZ:Some people are survivors and others are vampires. At the start there are only 2 vampires but whenever a vampire kills a survivors, he turns into a vampire too.There are 20 rounds that lasts between 20 seconds and 2 minutes.Unlock perks and disguises in the VampireZ Shop!The goal for vampires is to kill all survivors.The goal for the survivors is to hide and to survive until the last round.4 Spooky maps to play!
Arena Brawl:
A game based on teamwork, you can choose to play with someone against 2 players or with 3 friends against 4 players!You can unlock 4 kind of abilities : offensive abilities which deal damages, support abilities, which are healing you, utility abilities that give you a specific skill either to block the enemy or boost you and finally ultimate abilities which either helps you to survive or deal damages to the enemy.

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Mega Walls:Play the 100 players Mega Walls games where you have to defend your Wither and survive! Earn coins by killing players, enemy Withers and winning games.Unlock, upgrade, and pick classes or even Hero classes!7 unique maps to choose and enjoy!
The Arcade Games:
Crazy fun minigames to play with your friends or alone! 9 unique and fun minigames to enjoy such as The Blocking Dead, Farm Hunt, Creeper Attack, Party Games 1, Party Games 2, Bounty Hunters, Throw Out and Dragon Wars.The Blocking Dead : Survive against zombies after a plane crash. Ammo, Food and Health packages are supplied in chests all around the map.Farm Hunt: You spawn on a farm and you either have to hide from the hunters or hide as an animal.Creeper Attack: Defend the villager (“The Trader”) in the middle from waves of mobs, creepers and powered creepers! Survive as long as you can together with 13 others.Party Games 1 & 2: Show off your skills whilst competing others or your friends. The games consist of multiple minigames, do your best and win the whole game!Bounty Hunters: You are assigned to kill a certain player! You can kill others but you get bonuses and a new target for killing the specified person.Throw Out : You have a stick and you hit people to build up knockback so you can punch them out of the map. Whenever you punch a player it increases the amount of knockback he takes.Dragon wars: Kill other players so you decrease the time waiting for your dragon. Whilst fighting you have access to multiple skills such as healing yourself and shooting fireballs.
Cops and Crims:
Gun game inspired by the popular First Player Shooter, Counter-Strike!Two teams of 8 players have their own mission.If you’re a Cop, defend the bomb sites and defuse the bomb if necessary.If you’re a Crim, kill the cops and escort the bomb carrier.Earn coins by killing players and winning rounds.Spend your coins in the Cops and Crims Shop.UHC Champions:Team based 111 player game.Vanilla PvP with custom crafting, starter kits, world border and much more!Only regain health from potions, golden apples and more (No natural regeneration).Recommended from more experienced players.Warlords:Warlords features 2 gamemodes with 42 custom made 3D weapons!Play Capture The Flag or Domination with unique spawn systems and sounds.Choose between 3 classes Mage, Warrior and Paladin.Repair your Broken Weapons at the Weaponsmith to get one of the 4 tiers such as common, rare, epic and legendary.Be the most powerful and level up by upgrading your skill and combat abilities.Minecraft Version 1.8.1 and higher is advised to play.Turbo Kart Racers:Turbo Kart Racers features custom made 3D karts!Play 5 different tracks with a unique driving system and items.Customize your experience with kart skins, helmets, clothes, particles, and even horns.Find and craft new parts to improve your vehicle performance!Be the fastest one with awesome items and well timed drifting.Minecraft Version 1.8.1 and higher is advised to play.SkyWars:SkyWars is an exciting survival based on gathering resources and items on various floating islands!Play Solo, or jump in team mode to double the fun with a friend.Gains and use souls to try your chance at unlocking various kits, perks, or cages.Play insane mode, featuring a crazy modifiers such as a dragon, more health, or explosions!Risk it all to try to obtain better gear, or use ingenious tactics to get rid of enemies.Minecraft 1.8.1 and higher is advised to play.Crazy Walls:Crazy Walls is a refreshing new take on the original The Walls game created by!Choose between solo or team mode with another random player or a friend.Collect resources and use the shop to trade for items that suit your play style!Trade player heads that you obtained to receive better gear.Try out lucky mode, with stronger items, and Super Lucky Blocks containing rare items.Acquire Golden Skulls and offer them to the Giant Zombie in the lobby to unlock new perks and kits.
Access cool new features while helping to support the server! A one time payment and you have the rank for a lifetime!