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Centaur Warrunner is an aggressive tank who excels when he is placed in the middle of fights. He reflects damage with


Retaliate, while stunning and attacking the area around him with


Hoof Stomp and


Double Edge. Unlike other tanks, Centaur Warrunner may sacrifice some HP in exchange for damage output, and may have a hard time recovering if the early game does not go well.

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Pros Cons
Tanky early game to late game.Can be useful to the team without large amounts of gold/items, but also benefits greatly from any gold he can get.Good at ganking.His highest strength gain in the whole game makes him a hero with the most HP without any buffs or items.Good initiation with Hoof Stomp and Stampede.Counters DPS carries. Low mana.Low damage in the late game.Vulnerable to enemy abilities which remove a percentage of health.

Ability Builds


Hero Talents







Hoof Stomp Duration



Retaliate Aura



Stampede Cooldown



Retaliate Damage



Double Edge Strength Damage



Stampede Duration

+15 Movement Speed +5 Health Regen

Tips & Tactics


Centaur Warrunner can also jungle if the lane is going badly.Centaur”s actual damage is average at best in the early game, with slow attack speed and only one damaging ability that hurts himself as well. However, Retaliate can do crippling damage to the enemy team if they choose to heavily harass him.Retaliate does not reflect damage on missed attacks. Keep this in mind when choosing talents and items. It may be worth it to take hits if the enemy team is highly magical, or relies on fast attacks instead of powerful attacks.

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Hoof StompHoof Stomp has a long cast animation so the enemies will have time to react.However, Hoof Stomp”s cast animation does not play during the first few seconds of Stampede, allowing Centaur Warruner to surprise the enemies.


Double EdgeCentaur cannot deny himself with Double Edge.As Double Edge affects all enemies in a small radius around the target, it is very effective when taking on tight clusters of enemies. This includes jungle creeps, lane creeps, large amounts of enemy illusions, or multiple melee heroes trying to gang up on you.


RetaliateRetaliate is a powerful ability and not to be underestimated. Although its most notable effect is greatly increasing damage against enemies who try to kill Centaur in the late game, even at lower levels it can completely shut down heroes with high damage and low health.To force a tower to attack Centaur Warrunner instead of creeps in order to utilize Retaliate, stand within tower attack range and issue an attack command upon an enemy hero, even one in another lane. This trick also works to aggro lane creeps in order to push.

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StampedeStampede”s effect is global. Keep an eye on allies and enemies across the map to use it when needed.Stampede can be used offensively to allow you and your team to quickly initiate a teamfight, or chase down enemies trying to run away.Stampede can be used defensively to help allies escape a bad situation.Stampede only affects enemies once for a relatively short duration, so in larger fights the skill may go totally awry. This means the initiation must be careful and planned, with a chosen initiator, as with other fights (more than not, possibly Centaur himself).Allied heroes should try to trample over every enemy hero to deal large amount of damage off of Centaur Warrunner”s high strength.


Starting items: