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It’s Not Over Yet…

Hi! My name is Damon Blumberg and I was your event manager for Emerald City Convergence 2015. I want to thank you for visiting our page after the event. Convergence 2015 might be over but we have ONE MORE SURPRISE for you! The Seattle Big Mens Club made sure to have photographers at this event. We were very sorry to not see James Tate and Rick Taman at our event. Even tho they were not there we still got 4000 photos taken at the event and it will be posted here very soon. We want to thank our vendors again (If you want to see them please visit our vendors page.) and we would like you to visit our charities too!

We also give a major thank you to our volunteers who helped and we want them to know that without their help our event would not have been as fantastic as it was!

If you went to our event and didn’t get to our online survey you can do so now by clicking on the online button below.